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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Army inventory form

Instructions and Help about Army inventory form

Hi guys welcome back first ring tonight so well chuffed what we're going to move on today is is intricate most specifically we're going to be talking about the body armor the issue body armor and ishii body armors that have been in the past this three that I've got for you today and I've also got the first helmet as well as my battle belt that will quickly go over as a miscellaneous points and so let's let's go on to it so when you when you get to depo the the one body on that you're gonna have is the ECPA and that's this one it can change from body armor body armor in terms of come up so this one I haven't got a pipe in the back for the rear plate I just want I just have them at the front and this is an only cover I've had these for a long time so that's just food for thought really for yourselves guys if you're thinking about it inside you have the inner which this just stops you gots it doesn't stop a bullet so this just stops your guts coming out it's alright so that's what's inside quite difficult to get in you know we have to fold in the new the new covers are all zipped so you can put each play in no fuss really and it's it's these certain comfortable really to go on lots of moving inside it guys so this is the type of body armor that you're half a day you can you can hopefully do it off and loosen it with the velcro straps on the side leisure ok so these are a great bit of kit or this is a topic that we have for training we don't normally tend to use these anymore because of the furniture because it's a plate carrier but this is what you have in deco guys so moving on to the old one this is the off sprague really heavy this is what a guy she'd for Afghanistan and Iraq right a really big heavy bit of kit this is just the body armor at the minutes and there's all those other things that you can answer it I'll put it on anyway and you can and you can see there you go back to me and now right pinnock it you can imagine crawling about in this alright it snags you've got a lot of money on me but the bond keep pile just here so you can put a lot of pouches onto it it extends up as well to give you that protection from any blasts in terms of when you were top of them the vehicles so you'll get like air you'll get the old pelvis protector you'll get the net protector what good stuff and it extends down in the arms as well I wasn't a fan of a scholar for most totally honest.


Why is the flamethrower no longer used by the US Military?
Why is the flamethrower no longer used by the US Military? Why didn't the allies have any tanks in Malaya in WW2 against the Japanese? How can Indonesia build its own armored combat vehicles? Who's a better ally to India, Russia or Israel? If the weakest nation today fought the strongest nation from 1,000 years ago in a war, who would win? Who created the US Air Force? As a non-American, I find US guns laws illogical. If the right to bear arms is linked to the need to have a militia, why are people allowed to possess non-military weapons such as small-calibre handguns but not military weapons like assault rifles? Which WW1 army weapon used in WW2 also and served its purpose so well that its new or modified form was not produced? As a D&D DM, what are some more unique and intriguing weapons you have presented your party with during a campaign?
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