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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Army inventory form

Instructions and Help about Army inventory form

Here back with another gcss army helpful video so today i'm going to teach you guys how to start preparing for the inventory process i call this step one okay there's a few key tasks that must be completed before you even initiate your physical inventory document all right so those key tasks one you need to ensure your parts room is clean everything is somewhat organized all the material is accessible and you know it's together all right after that you also need to make sure that all your material that needs to be issued is issued out of your mass sit that are consumed you also need to make sure that all ptis are completed with the ssa the reason for this is when you actually conduct your physical inventories you're not trying to find parts that have already been issued out and so forth all right so it's going to speed up your process and it's going to condense your physical inventory lines all right so when we talk about physical inventories preparing for it one of the common mistakes that i see especially when i go down and do like a cmdp inspection is i go into a t code mi 24 where i'm able to look at physical secu physical security physical inventory documents and i'm able to see historical documents where the units fail to complete the inventory in 30 days they're still open inventories there's material that's not yet been counted so the reason for this before doing a new inventory you must get rid of those previous inventories that have not been completed posted this will allow you to capture all the material so if i had a starter on a previous inventory that i have not yet counted and i'm trying to conduct a new inventory it's not going to capture that starter because it's already been accounted for in another document so therefore we must get rid of the old documents inside of gcss army so without further ado let's jump into mi24 if you're new to the channel please take a look at the videos make sure you hit that like and subscribe button so i'm going to go into mi24 this is going to allow me to pull all the physical inventory lists for my plant and eslog all right so if you do know your inventory number your previous one you can post it here but i just run it open like this all right so i go down here to physical inventory items i'll check it i'll hit ok so i'm going to go not yet count it i'm gonna execute so if you look here this physical inventory document uh 1255 right so this is not yet been counted so the unit wants to conduct a new inventory so anything on this previous inventory here is not going to be counted new inventory so it's pretty simple on how to do this ...


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